OEM Optics - Windows - Filters

Supplying optics in the Chicagoland area and beyond

Our Mission

Here at Vision Architect Optics, our mission is quite simple, to provide low cost, OEM Optics for everyone from the average consumer, to large scale projects that need quality optics at their disposal. This is done by specializing in simple optical filters, which allows us to complete orders for a lower price than our competitors.

What we offer

We offer specialized OEM service, and basic custom orders for other types of filters often found on the open market. With our OEM service, we provide a range of items, such as variable sized windows, and filters.

The coatings we provide:


Long Pass / IR

Short Pass

Low Pass

Neutral Density

PL and CPL

Didymium, and Holmium

Astronomical Spectra

Dichroic Coatings

Neutral Density

Color Filters

*If none of the above apply to your needs, feel free to email us, we have many coatings not listed above*

Packaging Services

We offer additional generic bulk packaging, or customized packaging that is marketplace ready, and resonant with the consumer, or target audience. Just request packaging in your quote, and we can quote it additionally with the order, and have the optics ready in the boxes for shipping.

Optics Accessories

We currently provide filter rings of many sizes, in aluminum, and copper as to give a selection for mounting mechanism. If needed, we are able to laser engrave information on the side of the rings before shipment.

*VisionArchitectOptics is currently working on "Clip-In" filters for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras as an additional, rarer option as other manufacturers often do not.*